Call and send SMS/MMS from your ZTE 3G modem

I recently wanted to use my cell phone sim card inside my 3G USB stick (a ZTE 3565-Z bought in Croatia), without losing the ability to receive (or make, though I generally use VoIP software for this) calls.

Given what these 3G modems were designed for (i.e. modem use), and a previous unsuccessful experience trying to make a landline call with my laptop internal 56K modem, I was not sure whether this would be at all technically feasible. Yet digging the web revealed that it did could work with specific hardward and software. I preferred to challenge rather than change my hardware, and therefore set myself up for a new quest, in the hope of finding the holy missing piece of software, if there was any.

And I eventually found an uncluttered dashboard (equivalent to Vodafone Mobile Connect or Gestionnaire de Connexion SFR), which worked perfectly both to access the Internet (at least with all the 3G service providers around the world I tried) and to receive/make calls.

The existence of this simple yet world changing software (for me) was somehow unveiled here on d-c unlocker forums (then also mentionned on this German website and here), with a link to download it. For those who have not heard of it yet, d-c unlocker is a brilliant piece of software that can unlock 3G data cards (and that works!).

Surprisingly, this state-of-the-art piece of software was released under Metfone’s brand, a Khmer (Cambodian) mobile and residential Internet provider. This must be why most of the countries in the area are considered as “emerging” or “pre-emerging”…

I now have the best smartphone one could ever dream of: a laptop connected to the Internet :).

Metfone UI

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