Much Ado About Many Things

I have just changed the tag line of this website from boring “Business, Finance & Technology” to the fabulous new one you can see above.

Not that these three key topics have been deprecated, but because the Erwin Mayer Foundation encompasses so much more; hence this very flagship had to better highlight what really matters.

With this new shibboleth, I also wanted to pay tribute to my very well missed friend William, of whom I was delighted to attend four plays this Summer during the excellent eponymous festival in Cambridge.

The Plays of William Shakespeare

Sir John Gilbert's, The Plays of William Shakespeare, 1849

Human rights: are they absolute?

Undoubtedly, human rights represent a way for people to feel safer in a naturally troubled world. This is why the following clip cannot be deemed as harmful and the Erwin Mayer Foundation eagerly supports the message it conveys:

However, except for those who derive them from their religion, mankind shall not forget that these rights do not arise from anything inherent to being human. No absolute principle might be invoked to justify them; though it obviously makes them less appealing and defendable, they are just a contract which clauses have been drafted by a self-proclaimed majority of human societies (who refer to themselves as the United Nations Organizations), and enforced by all those who believe it can improve the common good.

Therefore, it is important to remain careful on any modification of its arbitrary components. In the the video (1:53), I was particularly suprised to read “Copyright” as a human right (item 27). History shows that people can create and share without such a right. Some human rights are dependent on each other and on the context they target, hence you could easily build alternative civilization models with different rights deemed fundamental. “Social security” is another example: beyond the definition problem, what if a civilization has found a better or alternative approach to tackle the same problem, or has not actually considered it as a problem?

Most importantly, human rights, simply because they are rights, have a meaning only when applied to mankind as a group of consenting individuals. A single human, or even a single family, could not incorporate the concept of right, let alone human right, into their understanding of the world.

Human rights make sense because we live in a society, and this is probably the best proof of their not being inherent to each of us. We have the power to define what they are to make our world better, for they are the root, if not the rules, of a civilization.

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Bonjour à tous.

Cela devait arriver, et cela arriva. La Fondation Erwin Mayer a désormais pignon sur Web.

C’est un proverbe médiéval riche de sens mais souvent mal compris qui a guidé mes pas :

« Charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même. »

Humaniste, je défends ardemment tout ce qui peut contribuer à l’amélioration du bien-être global. Si, comme Bill Gates, je me réfère à Adam Smith et David Ricardo pour encourager que chacun fasse ce qu’il sait faire de mieux, je n’oublie pas qu’avant d’écrire son célèbre Recherche sur la nature et les causes de la richesse des nations (1776), dans dans La Théorie des Sentiments Moraux (1759), le premier de ces brillants économistes a également eu la clairvoyance de reconnaître que l’homme prend d’abord plaisir à s’intéresser à la fortune de son prochain.

La Fondation Erwin Mayer a donc pour vocation d’être le point de convergence entre trois piliers de la création de richesse : l’Idée, l’Innovation, l’Investissement, et la finalité solidaire d’une accumulation capitaliste des biens.

En ouvrant ce weblog, j’ai tenu à vous associer dans cette passionnante aventure intellectuelle, prolifique et avant tout humaine. N’hésitez pas à réagir aux fruits de mes recherches que je vais partager avec vous, ainsi qu’aux tribunes parfois volontairement provocantes qu’il m’arrivera d’écrire.