La révolution des pneus auto-gonflants

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Amusant : ce mois-ci, nous avons d’un côté PumpTire, le David qui, ayant réalisé quelques prototypes, espère livrer ses premiers produits sous 8 mois avec un financement relativement faible de $250,000 puisque devant essentiellement payer la production des premières commandes.

We are looking to raise $250K to make PumpTire a reality. This is a large sum of money for Kickstarter projects and equates to about 5,000 tires. The money will be primarily used for four purposes:
1. Completing the engineering design. This will require us to work with vendors and engineering firms to find the right materials and processes to make the product robust and lightweight. Although we have various working prototypes, we’ll need money to make sure each part of the system works properly.
2. Testing. Once we’ve completed the production design we will build and test prototypes to see what we got right and what needs additional engineering.
3. Purchasing tooling. We will need to have molds built for each type of tire as well as the lumen and the individual pieces in the control valve assemblies.
4. Purchasing materials. And finally, we need to pay for the materials and components that go into each tire assembly.



De l’autre Goodyear, le Goliath qui a besoin d’un grant (cadeau ?) fédéral de $1.5M pour développer une technologie similaire (adaptée aux pneus de camion), qui rapportera facilement plusieurs dizaines de millions de dollars par an en cas de succès (et contribuera sans aucun doute au progrès général de l’humanité). Mais sans annoncer la moindre date de sortie commerciale…

The company did not say how expensive the new tires would be or how long it would take to develop the technology.

Goodyear auto-inflatable tyre

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